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Micronations is a 3D strategy and management game where players have to build their own city starting basically from scratch. You start with nothing more than a house, and on it you'll have to expand your domain.

Players have dozens of elements available for expanding their city. The first and most basic are highways, of which you'll have different types depending on where you want to construct them.

Once you've created a good network of roads you can start raising all types of buildings: different kinds of housing, leisure venues, shopping malls, farms, and offices buildings.

You can build all these buildings and elements with just a click of the mouse. And maybe this is Micronations' main problem: that building anything new is no harder than clicking on a free space on the map.

Micronations is a very entertaining real-time management game that also includes very solid 3D graphics. Its main problem is that it doesn't have well-defined playability, meaning there are no objectives for winning... nor any possibility of losing.
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